new homepage and shop in 2022

A historical outline

It has been a vicious and tumultuous journey since 2007.
Started just as physical retailers, present at private Black Metal concerts (2007).

Evolved, and distributed rudimentary “product lists” by email, to inner circle pals (2007/2008).

Till a first, html hard coded, homepage was created in 2008. (Tank Shop)
But you could still only order by email!
A barrier was put up against impersonal consumer tourism!

With a sore heart, it was decided in 2012 to take the step into e-commerce. (Tell Shop)
It was supposed to secure the future for our support of the local black metal culture. And it has!
(maybe some details later in the homepage section)

For primarily technical reasons, in 2022 we are forced to take a step with the times and switch to a new homepage and shop system.

Explore the new layout and discover unknown artists and albums.

However, it is also used to transform us in several ways. It’s a process and it doesn’t all come at once. Obviously the label is changing aesthetically. (maybe the logo will change as well)
BERGSTOLZ will continue to release mainly Swiss Black Metal. But from 2022 we will also open the doors for international bands, that are in the inner circle of our core sphere.
(maybe some details later in the homepage section)

new arrivals

shop update for the launch

Black Cursed Scrolls!
To fuel and poison your mind!
Find the abysses of the world in our print section.

Bardo Methodology & Archivology Magazine
In-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Numerous articles, always over fifty pages pages, featuring original artwork.

The Sinister Flame Magazine
In addition to interviews, the issues contain reviews as well as articles from various contributors concerning different topics, such as esoteric and occult traditions, magick, nature, art & Black Metal itself.


Dreamscapes of Illusion

Catalogue number: BS-37

Release date; 1st of May 2022.
The third studio album.
Pure experience in an absorption of ecstasy.
A trip of 41 minutes in one song.

Regular jewel case edition
Beautiful 16 page booklet, with abstract photo art
Limited to 300 copies

Recorded without prior songwriting.
Dreamscapes of Illusion captures the volatile and uncontrollable essence of a dream. The album is a journey into landscapes that are hidden from our sight and conceptually revolves around the many illusions incorporated into our reality.


Degenerierte Teufelsrassenwut

Catalogue number: BS-36

Release date; 1st of May 2022.
The first release of this obscure and anonymous band.
Toxify your life with 3 songs, and open up to brainwash with the disturbing outro.
Perished in 11 minutes.

Regular jewel case edition
Outrageous 8 page booklet
Limited to 300 copies

2022: der Black Metal ist verweichlicht, alle metallischen Tonkrieger sind sozialkonform.
Fast alle. Im eidgenössischem Unterholz fand sich die wahre unmenschliche Elite zum prall gefickten Teufelsritual!
ZERQUETSCHER zelebrieren echten, gehörnten Black Metal der chaotisch-satanischen Prügelschule, nur für Auserwählte Ficker der Schwarzen Künste!
Labt euch am orgastischen Ritual namens „Degenerierte Teufelsrassenwut“, dem ersten Kotzbrocken brutal hingerotztem Ziegenbock-Metalls!
Ab 1. Mai 2022 wird abgespritzt!

2022: Black metal is sissified, all metallic sound warriors are socially conformist.
Almost all of them. In the federal undergrowth the true inhuman elite found themselves for the plump fucked satanic ritual! ZERQUETSCHER celebrate real, cuckolded black metal of the chaotic-satanic spanking school, only for chosen fuckers of the black arts!
Feast on the orgasmic ritual called „Degenerierte Teufelsrassenwut“(Degenerate Devil Race Rage), the first vomit of brutally vomited goat metal!
From 1 May 2022, you will be jerking off!


La Rumur Dal Destin

It took 5 years until new tough guitar music from WACHT was presentable again. This work has been in the forge since 2016 and has matured intensively.
It has been passed through the hands of many talented artists and performers, until it has become one of the best releases in the discography today.

Catalogue number: BS-34

Release Date; 22th of January 2022.

Deluxe 3-panel Digipak Disc
8 new songs with 36 minutes playtime
24-Page booklet, with noble golden pantone print
Limited to 500 copies